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Jun 23

Now online: LAG Guitars

What a find! LAG Guitars are now in our online store and are also in the Pensacola store. These French-designed guitars are absolutely gorgeous and sound better than anything in the mid price range. We are one of the first to have them online so y... more

Jun 23

Gibson Epiphones are now here!

We have introduced Epiphone instruments to our line up. These are some of the finest guitars, basses, mandolins, & Dobros made. They retain their classic Gibson look and at the same time have new innovations at VERY LOW prices. So, with our lo... more

Jun 23

Join Our Facebook Page

Our Facebook page is a great place for you to get our posts for new products, happenings, and coupons and special discount rebates. So click on the Facebook icon to the right of this article or search for us under the name of "Tringas Musical Prod... more



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