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Phone--(850) 477-2210    

Located--1502 Creighton Road---Pensacola, FL 32504

(Open Monday thru Friday  12pm--6pm)

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We will buy or trade for your pre-owned and vintage guitars and amps--Fender--Gibson--Gretsch--Rickenbacker--Marshall--Vox--and much more. Just call us to set up a time with the owner to bring your gear by the store. We are going back to our roots of having plenty of vintage and pre-owned products available for you, our valuable and very appreciated customers.

At this time, we are putting only select instruments onto our website--which are our favorites. However, we carry tons of items in our local store so don't hesitate to contact us to let us help you get the product you need. We have low prices and of course we include our FREE factory level service on everything we sell.

No sales gimmicks, just incredible products and expert service! Shop With Us on the website and then call us....That's right...Call Us..It's the "old school" way of doing actually talk to us about what you need. And of course, if you live nearby, visit our local shop.


Guitars Are Not iPads--

Wooden instruments change and mature over time, but they need TLC from an expert craftsman to keep them in top condition from the moment you buy it to the day you pass it on to your kids. The gurus at Tringas Music carefully set up your instrument so it is in perfect condition and plays exactly the way you want it to feel...and this service is FREE...

Only The Best Products--

Our website has a select group of products of our absolute favorites. We will be adding our pre-owned and vintage gear in the future, so keep checking back with us. 

A local store at your fingertips

Everything we do is driven by decades of owning our local store in Pensacola and we want to bring that same level of face-to-face information and service to you wherever you are. Call us, email us, write us a letter... we want to hear from you.

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Re-Introducing Seagull Guitars

We are proud to announce the re-introduction of Seagull guitars to our store (We first introduced them about 25 years ago). They are a Canadian company under the corporate name...